What Our Clients Say

“Above and beyond what I could have asked for!”

“This is a great facility. I would recommend it.”

“Very honest, caring people.”

“They told me a lot information I didn’t know.”

“They answered all my questions and more.”

“They helped me to know that they’re here for me if I need them.”

“I really love how the staff makes me feel comfortable and not scared. It helps to know that you can talk to somebody.”

“I felt so comfortable and was able to release a few tears to better help me cope with my situation.”

“I love the attentiveness the staff are to me and how caring and nice they are.”

“It was good to talk & have someone to listen about my situation. What I liked most was the amount of kindness shown.”

“My questions were answered in a mannerly way.”

“They really care.”

“It’s a safe, loving place.”

“It gave me a clearer understanding of what I am doing.”

“I was given ideas and recommendation I haven’t thought about.”

“Birth Choice is a safe loving place.”

“My time here helped me consider other options.”

“Awesome! They’re very compassionate. Amazing!”

“I needed more knowledge on abortion; they were helpful.”

“I am happy with the help and support I got.”

“Having someone who has been in my situation helped.”

“Gave me more information to give the father about abortion.”

“I love how caring and helpful they are.”

“I learned several things I did not know. Very informative.”

“Learned about all my options.”

“This gave me very good information. My client advocate was very nice and polite.”

“I liked and enjoyed everything. because they can help you make the best decision for you.”

“The information given was extremely helpful!”

“Everyone was very nice and respectful.”

“I can’t even begin to tell you how very much my advocate helped me tonight. Thank you in more ways than you will every know.”

“They listen and help with any questions.”

“The ladies were very compassionate and made me feel a lot better about my situation.”

“I liked how they gave me all the information possible to give me. They are kind and patient with you plus they tell you what you need to know.”

“…wonderful and helped me with insight to choices.”

“The women here are amazing.”

“Very welcoming and made me feel very comfortable.”

“It helped me to explore my options on what I should do.”